What is FaceInTheCrowd?

Sport is at the heart of our community. Be it leisure or competitive, it brings communities together and creates bonds.

Sport acts as a driving force for many individuals, the chance to support a team/person through the shared love of the sport.

Which is why the sporting community have been largely affected by COVID-19. Not just the clubs across a multitude of sports but us, the fans.

With social distancing systematically in place for the foreseeable future and the very real prospect of sports being played behind closed doors, FaceInTheCrowd provides fans and clubs the opportunity to continue to actively support their team from inside the venue with our loyal fan visuals.

Why choose FaceInTheCrowd?

The technology used in the production of our loyal fan visuals is totally unique to the market.

We have worked closely with one of the leading print companies in the UK to develop software that makes the journey from purchase to installation seamless.

The machinery used for our loyal fan visuals includes the world’s first robotic-cutting bed and a collective machinery cost of over £1,000,000.

Using cutting-edge technology that is exclusive to FaceInTheCrowd, we can offer the highest-quality product with impressive turn-around timeframes at a very appealing and competitive cost.

Our close partnerships provide us with a unique edge to other companies offering a similar service.