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Cobbler in the Crowd at Wembley

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Your face in the crowd for the play-offs!

While the Shoe Army won’t be able to be at the playoff final in person, we’ve teamed up with faceinthecrowd.store to provide a unique opportunity and have a cut out of your face on display in the stands at Wembley!

Restrictions due to the impact of coronavirus mean the match will be played behind closed doors, but you can still feel part of the action by ordering your Face In The Crowd cut out which will be placed on display inside the stadium and visible on TV.

After the game, your cut out will be returned to the PTS Academy Stadium.

The cut-outs are made from polypropylene and are completely recyclable. The material is toxin-free so it won’t leach chemicals into the surrounding environment, durable, strong and weatherproof.

Thank you for your support and for continuing to be at the heart of our club.

Orders for Wembley are closed now, but you can still order the cut-out for processing at a later stage, we will advise the next cut-off date soon. 

Any orders placed after this time will be used if subsequent games are played behind closed doors next season.

Northampton Town FC and FITC cannot take responsibility for any cutouts which may be damaged during a match.

Please note that due to the volume of orders, we are unable to place your visual in a specific seat.

Please ensure you have read our disclaimer details below.
All orders will be delivered directly to the club, not your home address.

Your delivery address is for reference purposes only and will not be shared with third parties

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The virtual fan will be printed and cut to shape. Our production partners use technology that is exclusive to the UK.

All products will be printed on the highest-grade 4mm corrugated polypropylene material. This material is designed to provide properties of longevity, is non-toxic and has fire-retardant properties.

After it has been produced, the loyal visual fan will be delivered directly to the club.

Due to the nature of the installation process, we are unable to place the cut-outs in specific seats and cannot guarantee that family groups will be placed together.

The collection will be arranged on a future date and will be subject to government restrictions around social distancing.
We will provide more information about this when we are able to.

Although the cut-outs are made of robust material, they may incur damage whilst in the stands and we cannot take responsibility for this.

Please ensure you do not upload any inappropriate images. All images will be checked before installation and if your photo is deemed to be inappropriate it will not be installed and a refund will not be offered. Offensive and inappropriate images include nudity, offensive gestures, or people of notoriety.

In purchasing and uploading an image you are agreeing to GDPR consent that your image on the product may be used in further marketing activity and campaigns.

In the event of any dispute by placing your order you agree to the Club's liability to be no more than the original value of the product.